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 The Rules!~Updated as of~15/01/12

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The Boss
The Boss

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PostSubject: The Rules!~Updated as of~15/01/12   Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:34 am

By making an account on our server, u acknowledge that you've read these rules! No Warnings.

1. There will be no flaming over yell.
( 24 hour Mute in-game)

2. Excessive Flaming/Trolling/Bullying - The use of any Derogatory, belittling, disdainful, or malicious comments directed at another player
( 48-72 hour Mute in-game)

3. Disrespecting Staff - Any disrespectful, contemptuous, or impertinent comment directed at a staff member.
( 72 hour mute in-game)

4. Buying, Selling, Trading or begging for RSGP - People can easily get scammed and that is why we do not allow it.
( 24 hour mute in-game)

5. Spamming - Spamming is frowned upon, unless you don't over do it, 7 second intervals. Use discretion.
( 24 hour mute in-game)

6. X-Logging - Purposely logging out during a fight
( 2 day Ban)

7. Scamming/Attempting to Scam - Scamming another user during a trade ; Ex. Trading a player for a specified amount of items and not owning up to your half of the trade. Attempting to scam someone deliberately.
( 3 day Ban)

8. Real World Trading - You cannot trade anything other then items of Rebel-Scape.
(1 day Ban)

9. Luring against Mods\Admins - Luring a mod/admin is not acceptable if you do it you will be punished.
( 1 day Ban)

10. Bug Abusing - Glitching a known bug so you have a advantage over another player
( 2 day Ban)

11.Botting/Cheating/Macroing. - Using an external program or abusing an exploit to gain an unfair advantage above another player.
( 3 day Ban)

12. Sharing Accounts - Sharing accounts with another player is strictly prohibited. One owner per account.
( 3 day Ban)

13. No PK farming-Killing a player more then 2 times with the intention of boosting yours or another's kills.
( 3 day Ban, and kills will be reset)

14. Discrimination - Discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, race, religious views, ect.
(1 day Ban ; 2 point infraction)

16. Staff Impersonation - Impersonating a staff member ; Ex. "Im a moderator, give me your items or I will ban you."
(5 day Ban ; 2 point infraction)

17. Posting pornographic links - Any redirectory, link, or form of pornographic images/videos found on the forums.
(7 day Ban ; 2 point infraction)

18. DDoSing - Threatening to DDoS someone or DDoSing someone is a severe action and the punishment will be severe, it is illegal and we do not allow it.
( 14 day Ban ; 3 point infraction)

19. No duping nor possession of duped items - Duping is when you use a exploited bùg to duplicate an item
(Permanent Ban)

20. Ban Evasion - Creating a new account to avoid an IP ban on another account
(Permanent Ban)

21. Scamming Multiple times - Scamming a user 3x
(Permanent Ban)

22. Scamming 6x from your I.P - Scamming a user 6x from your I.P
(IP Ban)

23. Threatening the wellbeing of the server - Any comments made that threaten the wellbeing of the server
( IP Ban)

24. Advertising - Advertising other sites ; Ex. servers, ect.
(IP Ban)

Green - Mute
Orange - Temporary Ban
Red - Permenant Ban
Purple - IP Ban[i][center]

5 point infractions = permanent ban

We have the right to add or edit rules when we want.

Last edited by Luke on Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:37 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Updated 15/01/12)
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PostSubject: Re: The Rules!~Updated as of~15/01/12   Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:56 am

sounds good Exclamation
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The Rules!~Updated as of~15/01/12

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